Why are students willing to buy essay papers?

Are the different offers offered by a service the only reason for students to buy essay papers?

The offers can be a reason to compel students to buy essay papers but they are not the only reason for them to do so.

A service is available to every student and not all uses them if the offers were the only reason every student would have availed the service. There are many a reasons which have a large effect on the student’s decision to buy.

Essay writing services have developed and expanded a lot in recent years and are coming up with many offers like money back guarantees, discount packages, different kinds of freebies etc. for students which are proving to be a highly compelling for students to buy than write essays on their own, but these offers are not enough for a student to spend a sum of money to avail those offers.

  • An essay is a type of writing assignment just like term papers and dissertations and so have a major role in the evaluation of the final grade and the transcript of a student and like the other assignments the students want their essays to secure a good grade upon examining.

  • If a student lacks confidence for writing an essay on his/her, due to any reason be it ESL, past performance etc. which makes them feel that they won’t do good on writing on their own essay

  • Many students have other reasons like work or family responsibilities which take up most of time in their daily schedule and they are faced with time constraint and further with short deadlines.

  • Most of the time essays or any other written assignments are rejected by the instructor on the basis of poor research, ill formatting, unavailability of proper references and citations, these issues again support a student’s decision to buy an essay paper rather than writing one.

These are the most possible and genuine reasons which make a student look for services and then select one to buy an essay paper. The offers made by a service are the second on the list of reasons and once a student of any one of the above mentioned reason then these offers support their decision to buy an essay paper.

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