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Must-Do Check-Out Before Turning Your Paper

In this article you will find useful tips for editing your college essays before you turn them in to your professor. Use this as a checklist before you submit your college essay.

Biology essay

This article gives a brief description of the biology essay and its purpose. It suggests a step-by-step preparation and some important tips.

Custom essay – simple!

In a sequence essay, you are writing to describe a series of events or a process in some sort of order. Usually, this order is based on time. You organize the essay by writing about each step of the process in the order it occurred.

Writing comparison

Writing comparison and contrast essays presumes the conduction of comparison between two subjects. A comparative part should display the similarities between the discussed subjects, whereas a contrast part shows the differences. While choosing a topic for comparison/contrast essay, it is necessary to make sure that the chosen subjects are not totally unrelated.

How to Write in Essay Format

Essays are short pieces of work, at least five paragraphs long, that argue a point, tell a story or compare and contrast points. Well-written essays have a strong thesis statement that describes the essay’s purpose and helps the writer organize his work. He can then expand on the thesis in the body of the essay by explaining and listing researched points.

Formats for an Essay Paper

Using a form or a template for writing an essay is an excellent way to keep your paper organized and to make sure you have enough detail to support your statements. An effective essay will have a beginning, a middle and an end. There are specific elements that should be included in each section of the essay.

What Is the Function of the Thesis Statement in a Personal Essay?

The personal essay differs from other types of essays; it is written in first person and presents the writer’s opinions and feelings on a topic. Still, the function of the thesis statement in a personal essay is the same as other essays, providing an introduction that lets the reader know what the essay will be about and the writer’s opinion on the topic. The thesis statement provides both a springboard for the writer to begin her argument and a container into which the writer must fit the rest of the essay.

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