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Proper Lab Report Format

A lab report presents the procedures, data and analysis of an experiment. It is an actionable document that provides information so that the experiment can be re-created. Lab reports are meant to persuade the reader into trusting the results based on the data. Once published, scientists review and scrutinize the results of the experiment. A good lab report provides data, analysis and conclusions in a clear and concise way.

How to Format a Lab Report

Most high school students know that science relies on organization and details with data. Unorganized, unreadable data is not only a strain for your teacher or professor, it also affects the accuracy of the experiment, which is why lab reports have a specific format and procedure. Similar to an opening thesis paragraph of a paper, a lab report needs to include the who, when, why, what and how of your experiment. A properly completed lab report will show if you have conducted the experiment correctly. Whether your lab report is typed or handwritten in a composition book, there is a certain protocol.

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