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How to Use Parenthetical References in an Argumentative Essay

Although an argumentative essay drives home your position on a particular topic, support from relevant sources adds credibility to your argument. Parenthetical references give you an opportunity to present opposing viewpoints and substantiate your own viewpoint with relevant quotes and summaries from research, experts and statistical evidence. Your references should fit smoothly into your argument, building momentum for your position. An ill-placed or awkwardly integrated reference interferes with the logical progression of your ideas and makes it difficult for the reader to follow your argument. On the other hand, a well-integrated parenthetical reference that follows a consistent formatting style adds authority to your viewpoint and captures the attention of your audience.

How to Do Parenthetical References

Creating a parenthetical reference requires the student to create the three basic elements of the in-text citation. The introduction is usually the first part of the in-text citation and should explain the source of the quote and give a brief description of the source. Then, the quotation, or piece of outside information being used, should flow as the rest of the sentence. The student will then insert parentheses at the end of the sentence and inside will copy and paste the first item from the works-cited list. This item might be the author, or, if no author is provided, will be the title of the source and, if applicable, the page number on which the information was found.

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