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MLA Formatting Guidelines

Modern Language Association style, or MLA style, is a specific set of guidelines for formatting essays, papers and manuscripts written in the English language. MLA style gives writers a way to reference their sources throughout their work, as well. MLA style is most often used when writing about social sciences. Science and math-based papers are usually written in APA style, which holds a different set of guidelines and formats.

How to Use APA Format in an Essay

Knowing how to write in APA style is an important tool for high school and college students. Just about every professor who assigns an essay in college will require that you write in APA style. APA style is very specific and exact. It requires you to format your essay in a certain way. At first, writing in APA style will seem complicated and tedious. However, once you learn and get used to it, you will quickly be accustomed to it.

How to Format a College Essay

While certain professors may require you to follow their own specific guidelines for formatting college papers, several aspects of college-level work are a given across the curriculum. If you take a few moments to ensure that you have followed these basic steps, you will produce a well-formatted paper, and you will be ready to adapt this basic format to any other style sheet that a professor may instruct you to use.

How to Convert to APA Formatting

There are many ways to format work when it comes to writing. Most common are Modern Language Association style and American Psychological Association style. Modern Language Association, or MLA, is used primarily for works in liberal arts, while American Psychological Association, or APA, is used for works in the sciences.

APA Formatting Requirements for an Essay

Typically, instructors and professors will require you to write your essay in a specific format. One format that is frequently used is the American Psychological Association or APA style. It is used for essays relating to psychology, sociology, anthropology, political sciences, education, business and other social science topics. Essays with APA formatting requirements require a specific template and citation structure. Keep in mind that some instructors will require specifics unlike the items listed below.

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