Automated Essay Scoring

A need for improved admissions screening to predict potential student academic success was identified in a strategic planning session of online academic institutions. There is an increased concern student retention problems are related to the admissions process at the universities. Faculty are concerned that the critical writing skills of students who are admitted are not adequately evaluated until after students are financially committed to the enrolling institution.  The scope of this paper is to research, analyze and conduct a feasibility study of Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA) software that could be used to automate essay grading.

Argumentative Essay

Writing an essay opens up the mind of the writer and showcases their creativity. Argumentative Essay writing requires skills such as research, analytical thinking and good writing. You should also have skills to substantiate your arguments and bring them to a logical conclusion.

Admission Essays

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that admission essays for the overwhelming majority of people is the most important essay they write in their lives. All good colleges and schools have far more applicants than they can admit. Naturally they have to deal with a huge flow of admission essays.

A descriptive essay

A descriptive essay is aimed at describing an object, phenomenon or event.

A classification essay

A classification essay is written to organize objects into categories basing upon a unique organizing principle and giving examples that fit into each selected category.

3 Top Reasons Behind Buying An Essay

Essay buying has now started to gain a lot of popularity amongst the students of high school and above. These services has helped a lot of students in securing an A grade on their written assignments, who have their own reasons for not writing it on their own.

Writing Essay

First, essay writing preparation includes preliminary research, reading, taking notes and analyzing processes.

A critical essay

A critical essay is characterized by careful evaluation and judgment of the criticized material.

Write your admission essay

Admission essays and College Application Essays are very vital for one’s entry to a good reputable university. The admission essay can be the determining factor, of whether or not one is to be admitted to a certain college or university. Many students never make it to their desired schools not because of their grades or lack of extracurricular activities. They fail because of the admission essay they submitted. An admission essay does not really have to be Nobel Prize for Literature-like essay. It just has to be creative and one of a kind.

What should you look for when you want to purchase essay?

Once you have decided to purchase an essay you have a lot of more things to consider before putting your decision in to action.

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