Interview essay

An interview is the best way to collect specific information about some person’s opinions, activities, or interests.

How to write narrative essays

One of frequent assignments at colleges and universities is narrative essays. Narrative essays usually deal with personal experiences faced during one’s lifetime. However, it doesn’t matter whether this story is real or thought out in your imagination. It depicts how a certain event can change yourself and your life, how you have reacted to that event that happened to you. A good narrative essay isn’t just an enjoyable or amusing story, but has a point to make, an idea to pass on. The writer uses details that are significant and merges them to build up a story line that is easy for the reader to follow.

How to write history essay

To write a History essay out of imagination is not possible. You need to be a student with the critical approach as to what happened in the past and why it happened. Historical happenings have great lessons for the future. You need to bring this aspect into your History essay. Give well-reasoned responses to the small and big events that make the subject of history.

How To Write A Personal Statement For College

The entire college admission process can be exhausting and nerve-racking but there are few things worse than writing the personal statement for college applications. Your first thought is that it would be a piece of cake, everything you have to do is write a few words about yourself – what your interests are, what you would like to accomplish in life.

How to Write a Fiction Story: Fleshing Out Your Idea

Want to write a fiction story, but don’t know how to get started? This article gives you the first steps in brainstorming your story.

How to Write a Better Descriptive Story

New writers believe they have to fill pages with words. They do, but it’s better to use the needed ones, and use them well.

How to Make the User Read Your Page?

Every web content writer asks this question. Some of them already know the answer, some still write at random. They write with no grammar and spelling mistakes and the content seems to be informative. But still the users don’t stay on their site long. What’s the problem then? Apart from the quality of the contents the writer should be able to present information drawing the user’s attention to the major elements of the story on the web page. Creating web texts follow three simple rules…

How to avoid intended or unintended plagiarism in your essay?

Contrary to what people believe and say, it is possible to avoid plagiarism in your essays whether it is intended or unintended. It is not an easy job. However, with a little care and caution while trying to write a custom essay or while buying an essay, plagiarism can be prevented.

Health Economics Essay

People often do not think or think not enough about their health and the factors which can influence on it in positive or negative way. For centuries people like to do things that may harm their organism in some way absolutely consciously.

Have you ever thought why university professors require only custom papers?

Have you ever thought why university professors require only custom papers? If your teachers just wanted you to get more knowledge about the subject and learn about various viewpoints they would not ask you to write a custom essay.

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