Application essay

Application essay writing is also referred to as admission essay writing. As the name suggests, this kind of essay is written when you need to apply to some place. Usually, you write an Application essay to obtain admission in a college or university. In order to gain admission, you need to have a goal in mind. The goal you write about in your essay depends on a few things. You may write about what you want to become professionally, your reason for choosing the subjects you wish to study, and why you want admission in a particular college or university.

Instruction essay

Instruction essays are meant to provide readers with clear and helpfully sequenced instructions. When writing such an essay, a writer should set and explain the objective, encourage the audience to do something, and then tell them what and in what sequence to do.

History Essay Guide

There are different genres of essays and history essay is one of them. History essays are different from the other genres because the thesis has to be supported with historical facts.

Comparative essay

Comparative essay writing requires you to draw comparisons. Comparing important facts can be helpful in research writing, which is why Comparative essay writing is an important exercise for tasks that you will be assigned at school.

Economy of Thailand essay

One of the prosperous East Asian economies is the economy of Thailand. It has achieved impressive growth rates. This growth per capita has remained positive for several decades. In Thailand the state has intervened in economy, but in a passive way.

Writing comparison

Writing comparison and contrast essays presumes the conduction of comparison between two subjects. A comparative part should display the similarities between the discussed subjects, whereas a contrast part shows the differences. While choosing a topic for comparison/contrast essay, it is necessary to make sure that the chosen subjects are not totally unrelated.

What Should an Essay Paper Look Like?

Essay papers are difficult enough to write without having to worry about the visual formatting of the draft. However, in many cases the appearance does make a difference. Whether for school or work, the right look can make your essay more professional.

Tips on Double Spacing in an MLA Essay

The liberal arts and humanities departments for most schools require the use of Modern Language Association (MLA) style for students who are writing essays. It is important to know and understand the different aspects of the MLA style guidelines for writing papers and citing sources. One of the most important aspects is that of double spacing.

Steps to Type an Essay in MLA Format

The Modern Language Association (MLA) format has become a well-accepted standard for academic research papers. Not following the MLA format might make your reader question the credibility of your work. But, implementing the MLA style only takes a few steps and will ensure that your reader knows that you understand and took the time to follow proper citation methods.

Proper Lab Report Format

A lab report presents the procedures, data and analysis of an experiment. It is an actionable document that provides information so that the experiment can be re-created. Lab reports are meant to persuade the reader into trusting the results based on the data. Once published, scientists review and scrutinize the results of the experiment. A good lab report provides data, analysis and conclusions in a clear and concise way.

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