How to Teach Paragraph Structure to Kids

Teaching proper paragraph structure to children is challenging work. Children don’t always grasp how the sentences in paragraphs support each other to make one overall point. However, with a little repetition, they will learn how to write complete paragraphs. Reinforce the lesson by coming back to it each class until they are easily writing well-rounded paragraphs.

Explain to the students that a paragraph is made up of a topic sentence, followed by one to three sentences that support its point and a conclusion sentence.

Hand out paragraph examples with short paragraphs on topics that interest the student’s age level. Ask them to read the paragraphs and talk about the topic sentence, the points being made and the conclusion.

Point out how the supporting sentences reinforce the main topic and point that preceded it.

Give the students worksheets that have paragraphs with one sentence missing. Ask them to read the paragraph and fill in the missing sentence. Encourage correct grammar and sentence structure.

Assign the students a paragraph to construct. Ask them to write a short, three to five sentence, paragraph about something that interests them. Each paragraph needs a topic, supporting points and a conclusion.

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