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Writers write. You shouldn’t wait around for inspiration to come. But sometimes, there are days you can’t get anything written down. Or you’re at a loss for words. You can’t think of anything to write. You don’t have any idea what to write about.

And then you end up believing you’re having writer’s block.

You end up believing it too much that you stop writing altogether. You might even think of yourself as not a real writer.

And all because of what? You think your muse deserted you? You think you have a 7-year writer’s block plague?

Think again!

There’s no such thing as writer’s block. And you sure as heck don’t need inspiration to write!

What you do need are prompts to help get your writer’s mind working and your hands writing or typing.

I call these prompts SEEDS. They are your beginnings; the glimmer; the little sparks that you can shape and fashion into stories, articles, essays and features.

You don’t need inspiration. All you need is an idea. A SEED.

And here are a dozen seeds you can try out for yourself —

  1. The first typewriter was patented on July 23, 1829.Interview some of the writers in your group and find out how they write. You can develop this into a light-hearted articles about writers.

  2. Many fictional characters are not fictional at all.Write about one real person who has been fictionalized.

  3. Electricity is a recent discovery. Think of 10 things to do when there’s no power.

  4. Pirates no longer just refer to the highwaymen ofthe seas. There are different breeds of pirates today.Write about today’s pirates and what they’re pirating.

  5. Many words in the English language come from thenames of people — such as mesmerize (from Mesmer,a hypnotist). Find out more words from people’s namesand write the story behind the words.

  6. The US Declaration of Independence begins with thisline: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, thatall men are created equal…” Write you own Declarationof Independence by using the same line as your startingpoint.

  7. How do you start a fan club? Write a how-to on organizing a fan club for a favorite author, singer,actor or sports figure.

  8. How do planets die?

  9. Expound or dispute this: “Where science ends,religion begins.”

  10. Take a look at your bookshelf. Pick one book and write a review of it.

  11. How is privacy invaded on the Internet?

  12. Write an article on how to choose a pet. Targetyour piece for kids aged 7-10.

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Writing a comedy church skit: How to create funny characters http://write-my-essays.com/writing-a-comedy-church-skit-how-to-create-funny/ http://write-my-essays.com/writing-a-comedy-church-skit-how-to-create-funny/#respond Wed, 26 Feb 2014 04:59:20 +0000 http://write-my-essays.com/?p=287 Want to write a comedy church skit? I’ve been doing so for over 20 years. Here are some techniques that will help you write a funny skit that carries a meaningful message.

A comedy skit can be effectively used in church worship services to communicate Biblical truth. And you don’t have to be a professional writer or actor to create funny characters and humorous drama that is entertaining, but still makes a powerful, spiritual impact on your church congregation. Although I work professionally as a freelance copywriter, I have also written church drama for over 20 years. Here are some skit writing techniques I use to create funny characters and humorous church drama.

Form church skit characters around your actors

A Hollywood script creates a character and then the director finds an actor to play that part. But that’s Hollywood. And those actors are professionals. They dedicate themselves to learning how to play a variety of characters.

The actors in your church skit are mostly amateurs. That doesn’t mean they aren’t talented. But they won’t be as versatile as a professional. So instead of making them adapt to a part in your skit, adapt the skit part to them. In other words, write the part to complement their natural personality and talents. If your actor is naturally gregarious, make their skit character gregarious. If in real life, they are thoughtful and analytical, make their skit character the same way. If they have demonstrated talents, like a French accent or an Elvis impersonation, incorporate it into the skit. By forming the characters of your drama around the actual personalities and talents of your actors, you create a part that is easier for them to naturally play and a character the church audience will enjoy.

Make use of stereotypes

A 3-5 minute skit does not allow enough time for much character development. So using common stereotypes makes it easy for your actors to assume a part and your church audience to understand the essence of the character.

  • The dumb blonde

  • The computer geek

  • The insensitive jock

  • The power hungry executive

These are all familiar characters that are easy for actors to play and easy to form into a humorous skit. When you think about the funny characters of movies and sitcoms you’ve watched, they are often built around a stereotype. I’m sure as you engage in your skit writing, you’ll think of many others.


Don’t just make the blonde in your church skit a little dumb. Make her really dumb. Your insensitive jock, completely oblivious to any life outside of sports. The computer geek unable to hold a conversation with an actual human being. Someone who is not just afraid of heights, but paralyzed in fear on the second step of a ladder. The more you exaggerate, the funnier it is and the less likely the actor in the skit will resemble an actual person in the church.


Even a person in your church with minimal acting ability will have your church audience laughing by simply putting them into a skit character that is the opposite of who they are in real life. And you may be surprised by that person’s willingness, not only to accept the part, but to ham it up on stage.

Is there a solemn usher who always wears a suit to church? Put him in a long wig and a rock band outfit. Let your children’s pastor portray a spoiled, bratty kid. Your most talented vocalist play an American Idol contestant that sings way off key. By using familiar people in your church with known traits and talents and putting them into a role that is the complete opposite of who they are in real life, you create instant humor for any skit.

By using these techniques in writing your skit, you will more effectively use your actors to create comedy that your church audience will appreciate, but still effectively communicates your message.

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Why are students willing to buy essay papers? http://write-my-essays.com/why-are-students-willing-to-buy-essay-papers/ http://write-my-essays.com/why-are-students-willing-to-buy-essay-papers/#respond Tue, 25 Feb 2014 01:53:30 +0000 http://write-my-essays.com/?p=285 Are the different offers offered by a service the only reason for students to buy essay papers?

The offers can be a reason to compel students to buy essay papers but they are not the only reason for them to do so.

A service is available to every student and not all uses them if the offers were the only reason every student would have availed the service. There are many a reasons which have a large effect on the student’s decision to buy.

Essay writing services have developed and expanded a lot in recent years and are coming up with many offers like money back guarantees, discount packages, different kinds of freebies etc. for students which are proving to be a highly compelling for students to buy than write essays on their own, but these offers are not enough for a student to spend a sum of money to avail those offers.

  • An essay is a type of writing assignment just like term papers and dissertations and so have a major role in the evaluation of the final grade and the transcript of a student and like the other assignments the students want their essays to secure a good grade upon examining.

  • If a student lacks confidence for writing an essay on his/her, due to any reason be it ESL, past performance etc. which makes them feel that they won’t do good on writing on their own essay

  • Many students have other reasons like work or family responsibilities which take up most of time in their daily schedule and they are faced with time constraint and further with short deadlines.

  • Most of the time essays or any other written assignments are rejected by the instructor on the basis of poor research, ill formatting, unavailability of proper references and citations, these issues again support a student’s decision to buy an essay paper rather than writing one.

These are the most possible and genuine reasons which make a student look for services and then select one to buy an essay paper. The offers made by a service are the second on the list of reasons and once a student of any one of the above mentioned reason then these offers support their decision to buy an essay paper.

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Thesis writing http://write-my-essays.com/thesis-writing/ http://write-my-essays.com/thesis-writing/#comments Wed, 19 Feb 2014 08:07:27 +0000 http://write-my-essays.com/?p=283 Many people view their thesis writing to be the last effort in reaching the summit of educational hierarchy. It is very much correct. Custom essay writing service ProfEssays can assist you to make this extremely important effort. Lots of people abandon writing their theses not due to the lack of knowledge, skills or enthusiasm but due to the fact that few of them have the luxury of being able to go through post-graduate education having a full-time job or a family.

Thesis is a kind of research report aimed at studying unsolved problems or contradictory phenomena in the fields of Science, Humanities, Arts. Usually its author mentions what progress has already been made in the research of the problems stated in the topic of his thesis, describes his own scientific research results designed to solve or clarify these problems and outlines the directions of further progress in these researches which can be made in future. While writing a thesis one should bear in mind that it can’t be a collection of ordinary, well-known ideas. Any thesis in any field of knowledge is to discover something unknown. Besides your examiners lots of other researchers will read it in order to get familiar with your scientific achievements in future. Such prospects oblige you to write clearly and explicitly to avoid ambiguity and make your scientific results unequivocal for others to understand. In most cases thesis has a fixed structure. A person doesn’t have to adhere rigidly to it but a wide deviation from the received structure may puzzle readers and even be interpreted as a rough mistake.
The standard thesis looks something like:

IntroductionBackground & Related WorkProposed SolutionExperimental ResultsAnalysisConclusionAnother important issue is references. Most of examiners pay particular attention to them looking for important works to be listed and referred to in this section. They assess both the quality of the works listed there. Try to include in the reference section works as much relevant to the topic of your thesis as possible.

Many people view their thesis writing to be the last effort in reaching the summit of educational hierarchy. It is very much correct. Custom essay writing service ProfEssays can assist you to make this extremely important effort. Lots of people abandon writing their theses not due to the lack of knowledge, skills or enthusiasm but due to the fact that few of them have the luxury of being able to go through post-graduate education having a full-time job or a family. Under these circumstances the only way to overcome all the difficulties is to turn to professionals possessing all the necessary knowledge, skills and experience enabling them to cope with such a complicated assignment as thesis writing.

For this particular service custom essay writing service ProfEssays employ experts from different realms of knowledge who has exceptionally PhD degree in their field. They’ve already created hundreds of thesis on the following subjects: Anthropology, Archeology, Arts, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Computers & Technology, Community Studies, Criminology, Ecology, Economics, Education, Engineering, English Language, Geography, Geology, History, IT, International Studies and Diplomacy, Languages & Linguistics, Law, Leisure and Tourism, Literature, Mathematics, Media Studies, Music, Marketing, Management, Medicine & Health Care, Nursing, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Programming, Religion, Science, Social Issues, Statistics, Teaching, Technology and others. You may also feel free to order custom essays, term paper, academic paper, research paper, admission essay, composition, course- work, book report, case study, thesis, dissertation, editing, resume services, creation of sites content etc.

We are doing our best to provide our customers with top-quality thesis If you still hesitate whether to choose our custom essay writing service or not, you can look through the feedback comments sent by our customers or contact our friendly customers’ service. One can find out more about custom essays and papers by visiting ProfEssays site www.professays.com or contacting our team via e-mail: support@professays.com

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Thesis Essay Writing Guidelines Every Student Ought to Know http://write-my-essays.com/thesis-essay-writing-guidelines-every-student/ http://write-my-essays.com/thesis-essay-writing-guidelines-every-student/#respond Mon, 17 Feb 2014 02:28:29 +0000 http://write-my-essays.com/?p=281 Find out the essential information every student ought to know before writing a thesis essay! This will help you write an A+ thesis essay that will stand against the crowd!

Writing a thesis essay is one of the challenges that students face in their academic life. The main reason why so many students dread writing a thesis essay is its baffling complexity, which is hard to handle at times.

However, writing a thesis essay can be much easier, if you already know how it should be written. And the secret formula of writing a high quality thesis essay is incredibly simple: all you need is to understand the initial purpose of thesis essays and follow the tips for thesis essay structure that you’ll find below.

  • Thesis Essay Peculiarity

Thesis essay is an essay elaborating on the original research and arguing a specific point of view. It requires an argumentative topic on which you have a strong opinion and want to prove it by means of research findings and information analysis. To put it in other way, thesis essay is a scientifically-minded piece of writing.

Consequently, a thesis essay is much more demanding than the rest of essays. It demands responsibility, analytical skills, ability to summarise, compare, and contrast. In order to write a high-quality thesis essay you need to be persuasive and able to prove your case no matter what.

  • Thesis Essay Topic

Thesis essay topic requires tender treatment. To choose the one that is your best bet, stick to the following:

  1. the topic must be to your liking, that is you must have strong feelings on its account and hold a solid point of view as far as the solution of this problem goes;

  2. your thesis essay topic must be argumentative, ambivalent and thought-provoking;

  3. your thesis essay topic should not be widely researched and be on everybody’s lips. On the contrary, it must be a problem that is not known to the public at large and still is concerns us very much.

Get down to choosing a thesis essay topic with these tips in mind, and you will find one truly argumentative and interesting.

  • Thesis Essay Structure

Thesis essay structure must be carefully thought over, since it is the foundation on which you build your proposition and prove your rightness. With a proper thesis essay structure you will create the necessary impression on the readers and make them reject their own views and stick to your point.

Your thesis essay structure should be like this:

  1. the introduction must include a statement of your hypothesis, which is a summary of your controversy;

  2. confirmation of your hypothesis must be logically arranged:

a. first, provide a short digression in the history of the problem corroborating it by the past attempts at its solution;

b. analyze the problem at the present;

c. prove your hypothesis by the supporting evidence you came across when researching the thesis essay topic;

d. compare your hypothesis with other existing propositions and prove why yours is the best solution;

3. reinforce your thesis statement at the end of the essay by providing a persuasive summary of your thesis essay to make the readers come over to your side once and for all.

This is the proven way of organising thesis essays. So, do not hesitate to use this structure in your paper.

  • The Use of Supporting Evidence

As it has been previously mentioned, your hypothesis in a thesis essay needs a back up in the form of supporting evidence from reliable and relevant sources. The related sources you can use to strengthen your proposition can be:

  1. past research and writings and their impact on the study;

  2. facts, statistics, and the testimony of others through personal interviews and questionnaires;

  3. or articles and books;

  4. and examples.

You do not have to conduct a deep research for your thesis essay, as you do for a research paper. All you need is to explore your topic deep enough to have a sufficient amount of evidence and proofs. However, make sure that the information you plan to use is up-to-date and is taken from reliable sources. Otherwise, it will be easy to discredit your proposition.

  • Disprove the Opposing Arguments

Every hypothesis has a weak point, which, if wisely used by opponents, can destroy it all together. To avoid it, try to identify weak points of your proposition and the possible ways how they can be used by your opponents. Then find counterarguments that will rebut your antagonist’s sharp rejoinders. Try to anticipate any objections the readers may have and rebut them at once.

That is all you need to know in order to write a good thesis essay. Be sure that with the above tips in mind you will easily master thesis essay writing and even come to like finding controversial topics and forming your hypothesis on its account. Thesis essay writing will no longer be a tedious burden for you.

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The Mahabharata Essay http://write-my-essays.com/the-mahabharata-essay/ http://write-my-essays.com/the-mahabharata-essay/#respond Thu, 13 Feb 2014 06:07:53 +0000 http://write-my-essays.com/?p=279 The Mahabharata is the longest epic in the world literature and is one of the greatest works of Indian literature, which incorporated philosophical, religious, and social basic ideas of the traditional Indian society. This work is very interesting from different point of view and it is so huge and informative that it seems that the entire life will be not enough to fully research this epic, not surprisingly that “what is found here, may be found elsewhere. What is not found here will not be found elsewhere” (Mahabharata).

Nonetheless, despite the variety of subjects and themes for analysis, this paper will be basically focused on the women depicted in the Mahabharata. Notably their actions will be analyse3d in the context of their influence on the family unity for to a certain extent they seem to be undermining traditional Indian moral and social norms and family unity. On the other hand, the actions of women are not ‘revolutionary’ for Indian society and may be treated as a transition from old moral and ethical norms to new ones and at the same time they may symbolize the vices of women that in actuality should be avoided that makes the Mahabharata a very important didactic work.

The impact of actions of women in the Mahabharata on family unity and social norms

On reading the epic, a reader cannot fail to feel the power of the female characters depicted and at the same time for a reader having profound knowledge of Indian culture some actions of some women may seem to be shocking and unacceptable in the traditional Indian society. Moreover, to a certain extent some actions of women in the Mahabharata are quite strange and shocking even for a reader who lacks knowledge about Indian society and Indian cultural and social norms because such actions violates universal moral and ethical basics.

In order to better realize it, it is necessary to recall the story of the ancestors of the Pandavas and Kauravas, notably that of Santanu, the king of Hastinapura, and the beautiful Ganga, the river goddess in disguise, whom he marry on the condition that he never questioned her actions. However, her actions are strange enough and Santanu seems to be a really strong and patient person and loving husband for he did not ask his wife about the explanation of her actions for such a long time. The problem was that Ganaga, bearing seven sons, threw each of them into the river. Quite naturally Santanu could not fail to eventually question his wife the reasons of her actions and Ganga had to reveal her divine origin and told that her children had once been celestial beings, and were cursed to become human. This is why she ‘punished’ them by drowning into the river. On explaining everything to her husband, Ganga left him with their last son Devarata.

Obviously this episode is very dramatic and probably one of the most shocking for traditional Indian society, as well as for many other world cultures. At the same time, it should be pointed out that traditionally Indian society respected a lot numerous gods and goddesses and their actions were rarely severely criticized. Nonetheless what Ganga did could not and still can hardly be done by any human being in Indian society without serious consequences. What is meant here is the bunch of actions that are absolutely unacceptable for Indian society. First of all, Ganga killed her own children that was a very serious crime from both moral and legal point of view. Naturally a mother killing her own children cannot contribute to the family unity and traditionally is rejected if not punished by the society in India as well as in other societies throughout the world.

Furthermore, she left her husband and her last son that is also reprimanded in Indian society. In fact, she ruined her family completely, by firstly killing her children and eventually leaving her husband and her last child. The only thing that can somehow justify her actions is the deal made before the marriage when Snatany agreed not to question her. Nonetheless this argument is too weak to make Ganga’s actions less terrible.

Another female character of the Mahabharata, Amba, seems to be also quite tragic. She is a sister of Bhishma who has chosen a suitor despite the fact that her brother fights off all of them. Bhishma allows her to leave but Amba is eventually abandoned by her husband and returns to Bhishma and asks to marry her. In a way this story is similar to the story of Ganga, though this time the woman is abandoned by her husband, but she is abandoned by Bhishma as well because he refuses to marry her. Probably in such a way the social protest against destruction of family is expressed. In fact, the story of Amba didactically indicates that women have to obey to men, otherwise they will be punished and their life will be ruined. At the same time, it would be a mistake to think that all female characters either ruin or cause the ruin of their families in a way in the Mahabharata. Unlike Ganga and Amba, Gandhari may serve as an example of a woman who is ready to sacrifice herself for the family unity’s sake. In order to be closer to her husband and like her husband, Dhritarashtra who is blind, Gandhari covers her eyes with a blindfold which she will never remove. In such a way she rejoins him in his world of darkness. Such actions of Gandhari seems to be quite strange for their marriage is arranged that implies that probably they did not know and really love one another at the beginning but for the family unity she is ready to make such a sacrifice.

Furthermore, another female character that worth attention in the context of the family unity and social norms is Draupadi, who picks her husband from a number of suitors but in actuality she becomes only a ‘prize’ that is occasionally shared by five brothers for when Arjuna announces about his ‘prize’ his mother, not knowing what the prize is, tells him to share with his brothers. Obviously such a situation may seem to be the consequences of strange circumstances but in actuality it is Draupadi who is really responsible for such a situation, for in the former life, she has prayed to the god Shiva for a husband five times, and thus is ‘rewarded’ for her devotion in this life. Obviously, her life with five brother is absolutely unacceptable to moral principles of Indian society and does not contribute to the family unity since it provokes quarrels and conflicts between brothers. On the other hand, Draupadi is also often humiliated. For instance she has been humiliated during the dice game and she swears that she will be avenged. Frightened by her curses, Dhritarashtra apologizes to her and gives her husbands’ back everything they lost, but Draupadi asks nothing for herself, saying, “Greed devours all beings and is dharma’s ruin. I refuse greed” (Mahabharta). In such a way, Draupadi seems to be the person who is stronger than the brothers and who can keep moral and social norms that makes this character quite controversial since, on the one hand, by her prays for a husband, she provokes conflicts in the family and social prejudice, on the one hand, she remembers about social and moral norms when her husbands, or at least some of them have forgotten about it. Mahabharata essays

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Term paper editing http://write-my-essays.com/term-paper-editing/ http://write-my-essays.com/term-paper-editing/#respond Mon, 10 Feb 2014 03:09:47 +0000 http://write-my-essays.com/?p=277 What you write is important. But how you write, what you write is more important. Term paper editing assumes significance here. Neat and clean presentation of any writing attracts the attention of the Professor on the job of evaluation. Even a missed or misplaced coma, does not speak well of the paper. Accurate term paper editing is an art. Many major and minor points need to be remembered while giving the finishing touches to your term paper. If you are careless in editing, the obvious conclusion is that you are equally careless in writing the paper.

While you do term paper editing, you need to mentally change your role. You are your own critic now. This is the time to clear your doubts about the writing and correct the ambiguities. Read and re-read your term paper. Term paper editing is an elaborate process. Firstly, read the paper for the content; then read it again for the arrangement and sequence of the subject matter. Now, the third reading is for the punctuation marks etc. At first this seems to be an elaborate process. But as you become habituated to the disciplined approach, it goes well, and then the time involved turns out to be much less than you initially imagined.

Another objective of the term paper editing is to beautify your article. That is to say, provide appropriate headings, while you switch over from one idea to another in the paper. These headings will be the guiding tools to your reader. The headings should agree with the contents of the paragraph to follow.

As far as possible incorporate active verbs, and maintain the correct tense. Switching over from one tense to another tense in the same paper is permitted but only at the appropriate junctures and as per the demand of the description. In case of long essays or books, it is better to avail the services of the professionals or service providing agencies, for editing purposes.

Term paper editing, generally speaking, is of two types, basic editing and complicated editing. In basis editing the content aspect is maintained as it is, unless there are errors of facts, which are corrected. In complicated editing the contents are changed, news passages are added (all this is done with the approval of the writer), to make the writing authentic and more informative. The object of all types of term paper editing is to get better grades or to take the work to the threshold of success. Therefore, term paper editing becomes one of he very important tools in the writing process.

Some other important aspects taken care off while term paper editing are: Run-on sentences, special terms, foreign words, italics, citation style and formatting, the language aspect, redundancy, wordiness, poor diction and passive voice, page alignment, reduction of unnecessary details etc.

You may think that your writing is correct and perfect. But when your paper goes through the elaborate process of term paper editing, you are surprised that you neglected so many important issues. A perfect paper contributes to your high grades.

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Technology essay http://write-my-essays.com/technology-essay/ http://write-my-essays.com/technology-essay/#respond Fri, 07 Feb 2014 05:34:20 +0000 http://write-my-essays.com/?p=275 Technology essay writing can encompass any topic related to technology. Your essay could be a simple description of any technology or it can be argumentative or even a critique of any technological aspect. This depends on the assignment rules you are asked to follow or the flexibility you are allowed for your essay. Generally speaking, a Technology essay is a formal essay and it discusses facts. However, you may also have room to be creative in this form of writing.

Technology essay writing is no different to many other essays when it comes to the general rules that you need to follow. You will have an introduction, a main body and a conclusion. You will use each part in your Technology essay according to the type of content you want to produce. Before you start writing, you will need to be sure of the approach you will use.

In your approach to writing your Technology essay, your title is of great importance. It will have to generally encompass all that you wish to express. However, this is not entirely necessary. For a formal Technology essay, you will need to develop a strong introduction. You can start of with a few sentences that explain the importance of technology or technological development in our lives. You can then go on to narrow your introduction down to your main topic and arguments. You will need to create a thesis statement towards the end of your introduction. This should be a tentative one, as you might need to modify it after you are done with writing your main body.

Next, you start with writing the main body of your Technology essay. For this step, you need to have all your necessary information collected. In each paragraph, you will present your issue to be discussed first. If you have claims or arguments, you will need to place them first in each paragraph, and follow them by the relevant information you have collected for your Technology essay.

After stating your arguments in your Technology essay with supporting facts, you can conduct an analysis. In this part of the essay, you will question your own arguments and statements against the supporting facts. This is done in an effort to test how your claims stand. In Technology essay writing, some writers choose to do this following every claim.

After analyzing your claims against the facts in your Technology essay body, you can proceed to your conclusion. By this point in your essay, you will know whether your arguments survive. At this stage in your Technology essay you will also need to think about your thesis statement. Perhaps you will want to modify it according to what you have analyzed.

In a Technology essay conclusion, you will restate your thesis. However, before you do this, you will need to sum up your main arguments. Finally, you should go over your Technology essay introduction once more and also read through your conclusion. This will help you to modify sentences that need to be stated in better words.

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Society is a human product essay http://write-my-essays.com/society-is-a-human-product-essay/ http://write-my-essays.com/society-is-a-human-product-essay/#respond Wed, 05 Feb 2014 08:15:43 +0000 http://write-my-essays.com/?p=273 “Society is a human product. Society is an objective reality. Man is a social product”

http://www2.pfeiffer.edu/~lridener/courses/REALITY.HTML) – the answer consists of three components and I want to consider them in series. The first essential component that we need to understand is that the society is a human product. “Just as it is impossible for man to develop as man in isolation, so it is impossible for man in isolation to produce a human environment. Solitary human being is being on the animal level (which, of course, man shares with other animals)”(http://www2.pfeiffer.edu/~lridener/courses/REALITY.HTML).

Society can neither be created nor exist without the human. I think that it can be obviously seen from an example of Robinson Crusoe before he met Friday in story of the same name by Daniel Defoe. When he lived on an island there was no society at all and he could not create it by himself alone. He lived among animals and as animals. It was impossible for Crusoe to develop human states inside of him. The second element is an objective reality.

Although the intricate form of this element, it is very easy to understand it. It means that the society or the world, we are living in, exists even if I (you, we, they etc) do not exist. By the moment of my delivery there already was the sun, the moon, my country, my city, my parents and so on. But when I grow older and begin to understand that all these exist it is very difficult for me to understand its genesis. The last component is that man is a social product. It is very difficult, but important to understand – the above example of Robinson Crusoe can illustrate it. When Crusoe met Friday they began to communicate in some way, they taught each other the basics of their native languages and thus they have gain an opportunity to build some kind of relations and society. So society is a human product, but man is a product of society – these concepts are interconnected.

2) How do structural functionalist address the question: How are societies maintained?

“While the most admirable of humanitarian efforts are sure to run counter to the individual interests of very many in the community, or fail to touch the interest and imagination o the multitude and to leave the community divided or indifferent, the cry of thief or murderer is profound complexes, lying below the surface of competing individual efforts, and citizens who have been separated by divergent interests stand together against the common enemy” (http://www2.pfeiffer.edu/~lridener/courses/MERTONR1.HTML). To explain this citation I would like to turn back to the example of Robinson Crusoe. While living alone Crusoe was like an animal, but with the appearance of Friday he maintains the society. Everything started from the intercourse – when they learned to understand each other. They found common interests such as economical and social. Economical consisted in mutual feeding, hunting, defending and living. Crusoe had weapons and could defend himself, hunt more effectively and Friday could collect roots and fruits, hunt little animals etc. Thereby they combined their efforts and realized the division of labor which, of course, made their life easier. Social interests consisted in knowledge, customs, traditions and some others – each participant brought in something new and gained something new for himself. Sometimes they had discrepancies and had fallen out when their interests crossed. But when Friday’s tribe tried to find and kill him, Crusoe helped him, in spite of their quarrels because he understood the importance of their little society. “… Owing to the combination of an abstract political, economic, or rather rational mechanism for the satisfaction of specific needs with concrete unity of a social group, the new institution is also the best intermediary link between the peasant primary-group and the secondary national system” (http://www2.pfeiffer.edu/~lridener/courses/MERTONR1.HTML). Indeed, Crusoe and Friday formed a social group, which had mutual interests. They united in order to satisfy their common needs and goals. But their relations were not equitable – Friday performed the unskilled labor and thus he presented peasant group but I think he was not hurt as far as he could not be a leader.

3) How does conflict theory address the question: Is inequality of social classes inevitable?

According to the article of Ralf Dahrendorf “Class and Class Conflict in Industrial Society”, we still have classes because the society at least divides into groups of interests, which have their own interests, demands, missions and goals and usually intersect, conducting these groups to the collision. “…society has quasi-groups and interest groups, it has classes also. Like its precursor, advanced industrial society is a class society. Concept and theory of class are still applicable” (http://www2.pfeiffer.edu/~lridener/courses/DAHREND1.HTML) – it means that the above groups defend their interests, which often intersect with interests of other groups. Interest groups try to get the authority, they try to enter to the government and perform other actions. Some of them receive what they want, others do not, but it only intensifies their struggle. If they come to power they could resolve most of their problems and achieve most of their targets but at the same time they would intersect the interests of the other groups and violate their rights. In their turn the other groups would try to throw down those who govern and grasp the power from this point this story usually comes to the very beginning and everything repeats. The existence of these interest groups, cause the existence of classes. “The dominating groups of industry were at the same time the dominating groups of the state … Conversely, the subjected groups of industry were as such excluded from political authority…” (http://www2.pfeiffer.edu/~lridener/courses/DAHREND1.HTML) – inequality of social classes indeed is inevitable and I consider that it will always exist. Because of class society some people have better life and some have worse. Poor men blame rich for all their troubles – poverty and diseases, misfortunes and so on. Rich men have everything they want and, of course, authority. Then the poor try to grasp the authority and reckon with their offenders – it is called class struggle. The complete equity does not exist, it is abstract concept because there always can be found people whose rights are violated or they do not like something. Those people would try to find their own justice, but if they find this justice it may hurt others.

4) How does feminism address the question: How is racial/gender oppression possible?

“… the strong prenatal beliefs in African-American communities that foster early motherhood among adolescent girls, the lack of self-actualization that can accompany the double-day of paid employment and work in the home, and the emotional and physical abuse that many Black women experience from their fathers, lovers, and husbands all reflect practices opposed by African-American women who are feminists” (http://www2.pfeiffer.edu/~lridener/courses/BLKFEM.HTML). This citation gives a specific example of race and gender oppression. I think that it shows us that such oppression often occurs because of the differences in “black” and “white” cultures, customs, traditions and comprehensions of life. It can be applied to class concept. Let’s imagine that there are two classes – black and white. Black class is oppressed by white and its leaders and activists struggle for their rights. They prove that they are not worth than white and try to throw down the unfair power of white and establish the fair power of black but it would be fare only for black and unfair for white. That is how it can be explained from the position of sociology.

“People experience and resist oppression on three levels: the level of personal biography; the group or community level of the cultural context created by race, class, and gender; and the systemic level of social institutions. Black feminist thought emphasizes all three levels as sites of domination and as potential sites of resistance” (http://www2.pfeiffer.edu/~lridener/courses/BLKFEM.HTML). Oppression on the level of personal biography, for example, is when an employer got to know some facts from personal life of a subordinate (such as sexual orientation, shady ties etc) and decides to fire the subordinate. Such oppression does not allow people to change fundamentally their lives and start them a new one. While being young most people make mistakes but less can forget about them and start from a new sheet. Oppression because of race, class and gender does not need to be explained, because it is practiced everywhere – females often considered to be bad chiefs, black people often considered to be uneducated and able to perform only unskilled labour, it is often considered that if you wear slovenly clothes you can not attend public places, women considered to be bad politicians and many other examples can be given. Oppression on the third level is exposing “…individuals to the specialized thought representing the dominant group’s standpoint and interests”.

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